Organic Therapy was born out of my passion for tea and the desire to go back to the simple things.

We are currently witnessing a general awareness and a need to slow down our busy pace of life.

"Due to health problems, I had to review my lifestyle, my diet and my habits. I naturally started to consume tea and herbal teas regularly. I immediately felt the benefits that the plants brought me. Then I started to get interested in the powers of plants, their virtues and that's how I started to create my own recipes. This new routine allowed me to find a balanced diet and an everyday well-being. Faced with this problem, my life partner Ludovic and I decided to create Organic Therapy through which we offer quality products, rich in flavor and respectful of the environment." Shadia co-founder

The goal is to allow all of us to take a real Zen break. Every day gestures count for our well-being balance and it can start with a cup of tea.

Shadia & Ludovic

The Organic Team